Discharge Medicines Review (DMR)

This community pharmacy service is funded by NHS Wales as part of the Community Pharmacy Wales Good Health – lechyd Da initiative

What is the Discharge Medicines Review?
The discharge medicines review service is a free service, funded by the NHS Wales Good Health, provided by your pharmacist. It is designed to support you if you have recently been discharged from a care setting such as a hospital, to ensure any changes that were made to your medicine(s)  is/are followed through correctly when you return home.

Who is it for?
The service is applicable to you if you have been discharged from a care setting with a Discharge Advice Letter and one of more the following apply:

  • Your medicine(s) have been changed during your stay
  • You are taking four or more medicines
  • You need support to remember to take your medicine(s) at the right time and may benefit from a compliance aid.

If you are unable to or do not want to receive the service yourself, you can nominate a carer or representative to receive it on your behalf.

If you are unaware if you have been given a Discharge Advice Letter ask a member of the pharmacy team.

How will help me?
The Discharge Medicines Review Service can make an important contribution to your health following your discharge from a care setting. Studies show that many patients experience an error or problem with their medicine(s) after they have been discharged, particularly when patients are discharged from hospital back into the community.

The service will:

  • Help to make sure you have all the medicine(s) you need
  • Make sure you have stopped taking any medicine(s) that are no longer needed following your discharge from a care setting
  • Help to sort out any discrepancies
  • Help you to find out more about the new medicine(s) you are taking
  • Give you a chance to ask questions about your medicine(s) and discuss any concerns
  • Help you to take your medicine(s) correctly, which could lead to fewer GP and hospital visits.

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