Quit Smoking with your Manichem Pharmacy

This Service is Available at the following Manichem Branches:

Wokingham Pharmacy, Grovelands Pharmacy, Victoria Pharmacy, Overdown Pharmacy, Tilehurst Pharmacy, Whitley Wood Pharmacy, Erleigh Road Pharmacy, Gossops Green Pharmacy, Ealing Pharmacy.

lease Click Here for the 2012 Quit Smoking initative.

Manichem offer a variety of services to aid people wanting to stop smoking. From being able to suggest the most appropriate form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), to giving counseling sessions on a one to one basis we can help you. All Manichem branches stock NRT products and can offer basic advice for giving up smoking. The branches listed have fully trained counselors and can offer a one to one support option. If you are wondering if it might work for you, read below the comments from one of the successes:

Manichem Quit Smoking Sucess Story:

I was what you would call a keen smoker – prior to having my daughter I would smoke on average 30 cigarettes a day. I gave up during my pregnancy, but when I went back to work I went back to smoking. I didn’t smoke cigarettes, but changed over to rolling tobacco instead. I smoked about 50 grams a week when I thought I would make my annual attempt at giving up. I had been smoking pretty much solidly for 19 years – that’s a lot of smoking and a major habit to change! My husband also smoked and although he had given up at one stage for over 2 years he had gone back to smoking prior to our daughter being born.

When I told my husband and family they were as always supportive but didn’t really fancy my chances! My husband promised if I managed to stop he would too.

In February 2010 I had my first counseling session with one of the trained stop smoking Manichem employees. She was to be honest, a pretty good non smoker and she tried hard to understand when I would struggle and then told me how I could cope. I am not really keen on “chatting” with somebody about how I feel etc so it was a bit odd, but as it was on a one to one basis I found it actually quite therapeutic!

I stopped smoking the same week as the first session, once I had my patches and gum! Having tried patches in the past and inhalers, and lozenges I was not too sure what was really going to help.

Blowing into the machine to see my levels was interesting – rolling your own means that the levels are different to those of cigarettes but it was good to do & by week 8 I had levels the same as someone who had not smoked.

I took it one day a time and tried not to avoid situations that I would come into contact with smokers. My sister still smokes and it does not pose an issue if I am out with her, this was a key concern for me – would I go back to smoking if others round me were…

After 6 weeks I stopped the gum (I stopped the patches after 5 weeks) as I was a little concerned about the regularity of having it! It helps that I don’t really like gum too! I kept (until February 2011!) a piece of gum in my handbag should I feel the need!!

I still find stressful situations tricky but ho hum that’s life, and when I am out drinking with friends and family I on occasion feel the urge to have a smoke but it passes quite quickly and it is nice waking up and not feeling quite so rough and with my clothes not stinking too!

My daughter likes the fact we don’t smoke anymore and I now play rugby so it helps somewhat with the fitness and financially I don’t think we could survive with the prices that it costs now 

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

This month a new healthier blood pressure campaign has been launched at your manichem pharmacy.

Get can get your blood pressure checked at your local pharmacy in the private consultation room. Your Pharmcist can give you free advice on managing your blood pressure through diet and lifestyle and if nessecary reccomend if you need to talk to your GP about your blood Pressure.


Monday, 14 October 2013

Manichem Group now provides a Hajj & Umrah vaccination service at:

Cleggs Pharmacy, Ealing Pharmacy, Erleigh Road Pharmacy, Glenlyn Pharmacy, Grovelands Pharmacy, Gossops Green Pharmacy, Harehills Pharmacy, Horsell Pharmacy, Moreton Pharmacy,  Neath Pharmacy, Tilehurst Pharmacy. Triangle Pharmacy, Victoria Pharmacy, Wednesbury Pharmacy.

By appointment only at: Whitley Wood Pharmacy and Henley Pharmacy


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

You can now buy your health and beauty products online with the New Manichem Direct online Shop, browse hundreds of products from your day to medicines such as pain killer, hayfever medication, vitamins, pregnanacy tests, and also you can buy much much more that you may not find in store. You can also buy beauty brands such a Crystal Clear, La Roche-Posay, Vichy and Dermalogica.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

     You can now order your Repeat Prescription online with your Manichem Pharmacy and either have your prescription medication dellivered to your home or work address for FREE. Please select your manichem Pharmacy to order your repeat prescription.